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What Are the RFID Applications That Has Penetrated into Our Lives in the Internet of Things?

What Are the RFID Applications That Has Penetrated into Our Lives in the Internet of Things?

In terms of the short-distance of the Internet of Things network technology, it is estimated that people are most familiar with Bluetooth. However, apart from Bluetooth, RFID radio frequency identification technology has already penetrated into our daily life, and it is even used every day, such as the second-generation identity cards.

RFID electronic tags and labels have a complete set of modulators, encoders, memories, controllers and antennas. According to application demands, the built-in battery can be chosen for use. Compared with ordinary barcodes, RFID application technology has the advantages of waterproof, antimagnetic, high-temperature resistance, long service life, long reading distance, encryption of label data, and larger storage capacity that ordinary barcodes do not have. The electronic tag can achieve the reading and writing and storage of information through the antenna and the reader.

Let's take a look at the current applications of RFID technology in the Internet of Things:

1. Warehousing logistics tracking

2. Medical item tracking

3. Air baggage checks

4. High-speed vehicle charging

5. Smart parking recognition

6. Tags and labels for cards and products

Similarly, RFID tags and labels can also be used for product tags. It is convenient for anti-counterfeiting of products, such as wine products. The wine traceability system based on RFID technology can achieve integrated monitoring and recording information from raw materials, assembly, warehousing inventory, shipment, and retailers. So as to put an end to fake wine and effectively protect the interests of consumers and wine companies.

Apart from the application scenarios mentioned above, RFID technology can also be used for military armament tracking, port cargo tracking and other scenarios.