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Tool Management of Infrastructure&Utility

Tool Management of  Infrastructure&Utility

In the utility industry, various tools are used in MRO management, tools always missed in using, which is a loss to utilities, furthermore, some of the tools are left in equipment while it is a risk for running. And for some of the tools, regular calibration is a necessary work to ensure its function. Benefit from RFID, the dispensing and returning of the tool can be managed effectively, tool missing can be discovered timely while further actions can be done accordingly, also it can remind the user to handle calibration in advance. Due to different size and form factor of tools, many types of RFID tags are needed, they can be mounted on the tool via epoxy, heat-shrinkable tube or adhesive; normally fixed readers and smart equipment are used to automatically check-in and check out tools while handheld readers are used to finding the missed tools.