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The Benefits of Using RFID Technology in Bathroom Manufacturing

The Benefits of Using RFID Technology in Bathroom Manufacturing

1. Common problems in the manufacture of bathroom accessory

(1) Data collection adopts traditional manual entry method, which has large errors and inaccurate data;

(2) The production data cannot be updated in real time, and the production line information is asymmetric, which restricts the increase in production capacity;

(3) The order production process cannot be tracked and checked in real time, and the delivery date is delayed; The barcode label is easy to be damaged, and the barcode gun cannot be identified in batches and quickly collect data information;

(4) The efficiency of employees is not uniform, the division of labor is uneven, and the work efficiency is low;

(5) Barcode data collection requires a lot of manual work, thus, labor costs are high.

2. Advantages of using RFID technology

RFID technology has the characteristics of fast identification, intelligent control, high reliability, high confidentiality, easy operation and easy expansion. It can establish a safe and reliable product production process, and the system can track the product information corresponding to the production from the information stored in the RFID electronic tag label of the device. It can conveniently and real-time query the relevant record information of the production process, and provide a basis for quality traceability.

3. Scenarios of using RFID technology in intelligent bathroom manufacturing

(1) RFID technology in injection molding products

The system allocates the corresponding mold injection products according to the production order; The handheld RFID read-write device scans the RFID electronic tags on the mold on-site; Record the use time and counts the product qualification rate in injection molding; The record information is updated to the background server through the RFID handheld device.

(2) RFID technology is applied to the electroplating of ceramic products

Automatic identification, recording and monitoring of product materials, production processes, semi-finished products, and finished products can be achieved; Visual management, real-time discovery and processing of production problems can also be finished. Besides, it can trace product information such as authenticity, whereabouts, storage, process records, producers, quality inspectors, and production dates, etc, and analyze the causes of bad quality products.

(3) RFID technology is applied to the electroplating of hardware products

After the product is hung, the surface process such as electroplating, PVD coating, spraying, etc. is carried out; The portal frame is installed at the node of each process and the RFID reading and writing device is fixed; the hanging device passes through the gantry, and the RFID read-write device automatically recognizes the tag label information on the hanging device; The background updates the time point of the corresponding hanging device being hung and counts the number of hanging devices.

(4) RFID technology is applied to the testing and transit of product

The quality inspection and packaging of the hung-down products are transferred to the transit logistics box, and the qualification rate of the technology processing is counted; The hung-down products are loaded into the transit logistics box by classification, and the RFID read-write device scans the information such as the time point of logistics box transiting, product model, quantity and updates to background server; Logistics boxes are stacked in pallets or storage locations allocated by the system.