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The Application of RFID Technology in the Field of File Management

The Application of RFID Technology in the Field of File Management

According to the investigation there has been such a situation in the field of file management: the traditional file cabinet management system has some common problems easy to occur such as inefficient system file cataloging process, time-consuming filing, disorder of file storage, the time-consuming file review, and file inventory operation problems like unscientific and delayed management of invalid files.

1. How to solve the shortcomings of traditional archive management system?

With the rapid development of network technology and bar code technology, under the existing technical conditions, RFID and digitalization technologies are combined to realize a scientific, efficient, and highly modernized archive management. RFID technology -- the new method, has used in the fields of identification, material tracking, production automation control, warehouse management, railway vehicles identification and containers identification and so on. With the development of RFID technology, it is possible to apply RFID technology to archive management.

2. Value of smart archive management system

The smart archive management system relying on RFID technology has greatly improved the efficiency of archive management, not only the speed has been increased, but more importantly, the accuracy of the archive position has also been qualitatively improved. Through the RFID file tracking system, not only can accurately know the number of archives, but also know the archive category and its real-time location, which is almost impossible to complete by hand.

With the help of the smart archive management system, by scanning the RFID tags for books and archive racks, the archives can be collected for rack location information and archive address information. It helps to arrange, find and count specific archives. After the shelf position information of the archive rack is merged with the digital archives warehouse, a detailed visible model of the archive rack and archive address can be established, which provides a convenient interface for daily archive management.

The application of the smart archive management system is a comprehensive application of multiple RFID technologies. The application of the smart archive rack facilitates the file manager's work. And it also provides a more efficient way to improve the operation and reduce the cost of archive management. The emergence of smart archive racks maximizes the application value of RFID technology in archives, and realizes a true "digital archives".