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Tars 41 RFID Portal

Tars 41 RFID Portal

Tars 41 is a UHF RFID Portal developed for warehouse management, it integrates a high-performance UHF RFID reader with Impinj Indy R2000 module and 2 to 4 antennas, with our top performance batch reading algorithm, it can read up to 300pcs tags one time, Tars 41 also integrates two infrared sensors at two sides of the portal to trigger the reader and detect the direction, two indicators and buzzer can assist for operation status monitoring and alarm

Tars 41 is powered by AC and communicates via RS232, WLAN, or WIFI, the distance between the portals can be placed up to 5 meters which is applicable for universal warehouses, tars 41 is an ideal smart equipment for warehouse management, library management, access control, etc

Features and Benefits of Tars 41 RFID Tunnel

  • Top performance R2000 based UHF reader is equipped for fast and batch reading

  • Narrow beam antenna design to cover a specific area and prevent wrong reading

  • Infrared sensors are integrated to increase product lifecycle and detect the direction

  • AC power and RS232/WLAN/WIFI connection applicable to most of the industries

  • Logo and panel artwork can be customized

  • API is provided for developers to apply for various scenarios

  • Double color indicators and buzzer help to monitor the operation status

  • The portal reader can be placed up to 5 meters distance

Applications of Tars 41 RFID Tunnel

* Warehouse management

* Library management

* Access control

Specifications of Tars 41 RFID Tunnel

Mechanical Specification

Sprayed sheet metal+Acrylic

Size2100 x 650 x 330 mm

82.7 x 5.6 x 13 in
Weight75 Kg/165 Ib
InstallationMounted on the ground

Electrical Specification
Power supplyAC 220V
RS 232/RJ45, WiFi as an option
Sensors2 x infrared 
Direction detectionYes
IndicatorRegular, alarm

RFID Specification
ReaderCrepak Optimus F240

ProtocolISO 18000-6C/EPC C1 G2
Output power0-33 dBm
Up to 300pcs/s
8 dBi
Reading range
Up to 5m
FCC, ETSI, China, Japan, etc

Environment Specification
Operation temp-10 – 60℃
Store temp-20 – 60℃
ProtectionIP 53
Mounting wayLay on the ground
Warranty12 months after delivery

Part No

Market & Application
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