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RFID Technology Makes Food Safer

RFID Technology Makes Food Safer

RFID technology is a non-contact automatic identification technology, which has many advantages and is widely used in the food industry, including anti-counterfeiting, tracking and traceability, quality monitoring, logistics management and other aspects of food. By using RFID technology, tracking and traceability can be easily achieved in the entire supply chain, ensuring complete transparency from end to end and complete product information and interaction for customers. After the integration of the back-end big data platform, the big data of the supply chain and the big data of anti-counterfeiting and traceability are finally formed. Specific food traceability applications are as follows.

1.Traceability for milk powder

The frequent occurrence of milk powder safety incidents has seriously affected consumer confidence. By assigning an ID card to each milk powder product, consumers can track each piece of milk powder from the source to the sales, which is convenient for consumers to know the details of the milk powder and improve the confidence of customers in product quality. Because one milk powder only have one code, the data traceability of the entire chain of milk powder is effectively guaranteed, and also the safety of milk powder is. In this way, RFID technology helps consumers to select safe and reliable milk powder brands for their babies.

2. Traceability for meat

Measures for the Administration of Animal Immunization Labeling of the Ministry of Agriculture stipulates that pigs, cattle and sheep must wear immunization ear labels and establish an immunization file management system. The ear label (RFID tags and labels) can record the key information of the individual, including the time of birth, feeding status, vaccination status, what kind of disease it has had, what medicine has been used, and the release time. Once an epidemic breaks out, the food safety management system can quickly find the information of product sales location, person in charge and place of origin. Not only can find the ultimate consumer of each piece of food according to RFID technology, but can also find the circulation or production process to take corresponding measures where there is a problem.

3. Smart packaging box of RFID

The packaging box has built-in immobilization electronic labels. Just a mobile phone with NFC function approaches the packaging box to read the label information, thereby obtaining product-related information in the packaging box, such as product details and anti-counterfeiting traceability information. Built-in electronic label with TD detection function will destroy the detection line of the label when opening the box. Thus, when reading the label information, it will remind the box that the box has been opened. In addition, for the convenience of mobile phone users without NFC function, the packaging box is printed with a QR code consistent with the information content of the electronic label. Users can also scan it to inquire the information about product. RFID smart packaging boxes are widely used in the outer packaging of high-end commodities, such as cubilose, cordyceps, tea, brand wine and imported food.