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Whip 10 Low Loss RFID Cable

Whip 10 Low Loss RFID Cable

The Whip 10 RFID cable is designed to meet low signal loss in the industrial environment, it is made of highly conductive material which reduces the loss during signal transmission, also, it is covered with Mg-Al alloy net to reduce signal disturb.

The cable is offered with multiple connectors including TNC, N, or SMA which can be connected to all kinds of readers and antenna.

Features and Benefits of Whip 10 RFID Cable

  • High conductive material enables low signal loss

  • Mg-Al alloy net to prevent signal disturb

  • Multiple connectors enable all applications

  • Support connecting less than 5 meters

Applications of Whip 10 RFID Cable

  • Access control

  • Warehouse management

  • Assets management

  • People management

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