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Tumbler 20 High Temperature UHF RFID Tag

Tumbler 20 High Temperature UHF RFID Tag

Tumbler 20 is a UHF tag being developed to meet customer demand of robust tags that can be used in high temperature, washing, dusty, chemical, and other harsh environments. Tumbler 20 can withstand in up to 250℃ high temperature based on its special packaged chip and bonding process, standard memory of Tumbler 20 is 512 bit and can be extended to 64kbit by using high memory chips;

Tumbler 20 can be easily mounted to the asset via epoxy and adhesive, and it can be packaged to different form factor for the specific application, this compact UHF RFID tag features an impressive 1.5 meters reading distance and carries a 10 years life expectancy; it is an ideal product for outdoor asset tracking, work in process management, equipment lifecycle management, and tool tracking.

Features and Benefits of Tumbler 20 UHF RFID Tag

  • Protected chip and bonding process ensures up to 250℃ high temperature

  • Extreme slim size applicable for very small assets

  • Up to 1.5 meters reading range while mounted on metal

  • Multiple attaching methods including epoxy and adhesive for ease implementation

  • Customized painting character and barcodes can be offered

  • The Tumbler 20 UHF RFID Tag can be used as an ultra high temperature RFID tag for industrial and commercial use.

Applications of Tumbler 20 UHF RFID Tag

  • Work in process tracking

  • Tool/Fixture management

  • Surgical instrument tracking

  • Equipment lifecycle management

  • Outdoor assets tracking

RF Specification

ProtocolISO 18000-6C
Reading rangeUp to 1.5m on metal
ChipsetAlien H3
Memory64 bit TID
96 bit EPC
512 bit user memory

Mechanical Specification


Environment Specification

Operation temp-40 – 85℃
Store temp-40 – 250℃
Shock and vibrationMIL STD 810-G
Mounting wayEpoxy, Adhesive
CertificationMeet CE requirement
Warranty12 months after delivery
LifecycleMore than 10 years

Part No.

Alien H31322121

Applications of Tumbler 20 UHF RFID Tag

*  Work in process tracking

*  Surgical instrument tracking

*  Equipment tracking

*  Tool/fixture management

*  Outdoor assets tracking

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