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Tars 30 RFID Tray

Tars 30 RFID Tray

Tars 30 is an RFID tray designed for apparel and other retail goods demonstration in stores. The RFID tray integrates with a high-performance UHF RFID reader and near field antenna, which can identify volume tags on the tray accurately in seconds without misidentifying of other tags nearby; also, RFID trays configures with a 3-inch touch screen for customer interaction and convenient operation; what's more, RFID trays embeds with WIFI/4G modules as well as high capacity Li-polymer rechargeable battery to extend its mobility. As smart equipment, RFID trays can display asset details, promotion information, and collect money through mobile payment. With the data it captured during the demonstration, RFID trays can generate valuable customer behavior reports which are useful for the store owners. This RFID tray can significantly improve operation and customer experience for stores.

Features and Benefits of Tars 30 RFID Tray

  • Embedded high performance UHF RFID reader and antennas enables fast operation and mistake reduction

  • 3-inch touch screen for customer interaction and convenient operation

  • WIFI/4G communication and rechargeable li-polymer battery extend its mobility

  • Can be integrated into cashing and store management software for better operation

  • User-friendly interface ensures outstanding user experience

Applications of Tars 30 RFID Tray

  • Jewelry/watch demonstration management

  • Jewelry/watch payment management

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