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Shield 50 Rugged HF RFID Tag

Shield 50 Rugged HF RFID Tag

The Shield 50 is a big industrial HF RFID tag, with rugged housing, a reliable chip bonding process, so that it meets IP68 standard, and can be used in a corrosion environment without compromise of performance, including high-temperature oven, chemical treatment facility, dusty machining factory, outdoor sunshine environment. it also provides consistent reading and writing performance thanks to the automated production process. Shield 50 provides 1Kbit user memory and can be used to store production information for online and offline applications. To be used in radiation and medical extreme environment, Shield 50 can be equipped with high capacity FRAM memory, what’s more, it can provide up to 8Kbyte user memory.

Shield 50 can be attached to asset via screw, adhesive and epoxy, this rugged RFID tags features a 1-20cm reading range and carries a more than 10 years lifecycle, is the ideal solution for automation production, work in process management and RTI tracking

Features and Benefits of Shield 50 HF RFID Tag

  • Rugged double injection housing enables industrial using.

  • Packaged chip and wire-bonding process ensures reliability and durability.

  • Automated winded antenna supports consistency

  • Multiple attaching methods ease implementation

  • Customized character and barcodes can be offered

  • Crepak's Shield 50 HF RFID Tags can be used as heat resistant RFID tags in the high-temperature environment.

Applications of Shield 50 HF RFID Tag

  • Work in process management

  • Automotive production

  • Automation

  • Tour inspection

  • RTI management

Mechanical Specification

Hole sizeΦ 5

RF Specification

ProtocolISO 15693
Reading range1-30mm depends on reader
ChipsetIcode Slix2
Memory64 bit UID
2560 bit user memory

Environment Specification

Operation temp-40 – 85℃
Store temp-40 – 260℃
Shock and vibrationMIL STD 810-G
Mounting wayAdhesive, Epoxy
CertificationMeet CE requirement
Warranty12 months after delivery
LifecycleMore than 10 years

Part No.

Icode Slix21215111
FRAM 2K1215211

Applications of Shield 50 HF RFID Tag

*        Work in process management

*        Industrial automation

*        Tour inspection

*        RTI management

*        Assets management

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