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RFID Smart Equipment

RFID Smart Equipment

RFID smart equipment is a kind of equipment that developed based on RFID technology, and it is designed for the application. Usually, system integrators deploy RFID reader, antenna for the specific project, it takes time and cost, experienced engineers analyze the common requirement of similar scenario and developed so-called RFID smart equipment to meet general demand, also, offer options to expand its function for specific demand in NICHE market. To meet general demand, RFID readers, antennas, and software are designed and optimized to gain the best performance. RFID smart equipment significantly reduces pilot investment, improves project implementation efficiency, reduce implementation cost, and increase the project success rate for both end-user and system integrators.

Types of RFID Smart Equipment

Crepak offers various RFID smart equipment, including automatic picking machine, checkstand, smart RFID tray, smart portal and smart tunnel, are widely used in retail, healthcare, supplychain&logistic and manufacturing industries.

Tars RFID Smart Equipment

Crepak RFID Smart Equipment Advantage:

Crepak Smart Equipment are designed based on sufficient market survey and project experience, is proven effective in the real case, while continuous improvement is done with the innovations of our custom RFID production, they are widely used worldwide in various industries, and advanced in:

Versatile RFID Smart Equipment

Crepak developed many types of RFID Smart Equipment for specific applications in various industry, it is flexible for a similar application, also it is not only an RFID device but also a smart terminator.

Use Cases of RFID Smart Equipment

Crepak RFID Smart Equipment are designed for projects, have been deployed worldwide, it is proven convenient, reliable, and stable.

Practical RFID Smart Equipment

Crepak RFID Smart Equipment is widely used in multiple applications, based on our scalable volume, our Smart Equipment are practical and affordable.

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