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Passive LF Tag

Passive LF Tag

LF RFID tag is usually passive and do not require a power source or battery. The RFID low frequency tags normally operate at 125KHz RFID antenna and 134KHz RFID antenna. The LF tags' data is transmitted via inductive coupling electromagnetic, which means that the RFID reader induces a current in the RFID tags and labels which then powers the LF RFID tag and sends out some basic identification information to the RFID reader.

Yaka Animal Identification RFID Low Frequency Syringe

Crepak Yaka LF RFID tags offer diverse products for animal identification depending on the field of application and the size of the animal. 

Cosmicrod Immobilization RFID Low Frequency Tag

Crepak cosmic rod LF RFID tags offer diverse products for immobilizer identification depending on the standard of autokey.

Types and Applications of LF RFID Tags 

LF RFID tags can be made to different form factors for different applications, the typical form factor is a card, glass tube, coil, plastic brick, and disc. LF RFID tag is mainly used for access control, glass tube LF tag is always implanted into the animal body for animal identification or embedded into assets for automation and work in process management. LF coil tag is used to make RFID ear tags for farm animal management. for the LF brick tag, it is specially designed for immobilizing management, used for car manufacturing and after-sales market. LF disc tag is widely used in industrial applications like inspection management, work in process management.

Crepak is a professional RFID supplier specialized in RFID production. You can find the right LF RFID tag for your application.

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