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Passive HF Tag

Passive HF Tag

High-Frequency RFID tags transmit its data via inductive coupling electromagnetic, which means that the RFID reader induces a current in the RFID tag which then powers the RFID tag and sends out some basic identification information to the RFID reader. HF RFID tags normally operate through 13.56 MHz antenna and are usually passive and do not require a power source or battery. As a sub-category of High-frequency RFID tags, the NFC (Near Field Communications) tag is widely used in retail and commercial applications following the popularization of mobile phones/tablets.

Shield Rugged RFID HF Tag

Shield rugged RFID tags offer diverse products for industrial automation or WIP management depending on the size of the assets.

Allspark Universal NFC Label

Crepak Spark HF RFID tags offer diverse products for customer engagement and assets management depending on the application and assets type.

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