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Medium Range RFID Reader

Medium Range RFID Reader

Medium range RFID Reader just as its name implies is a reader can read and write RFID tags in medium-range, In some scenario, the reader needs to read the tag at medium range, if it reads at long range, other tags may be read, if it reads at proximity range, the specific tag can't be read, medium-range RFID reader normally adapts HF technology (ISO 15693 protocol), equips with high-performance reader module, and high gain antenna. A medium-range RFID reader can read up to the 1-meter distance, and write up to tens of centimeters. 

The medium-range RFID reader is always a fixed RFID reader which can obtain bigger power and high gain antenna without size limitation, normally the antenna is integrated into its encapsulated housing and the form factor is always square or circular, can be easily mounted to a production line or equipment via screw or fixture. Since most of the medium-range RFID readers are used in industrial applications, it needs to adapt to industrial communication protocols like Profinet, I/O link, Modbus, etc, and provides multiple communication interfaces like series port and Ethernet port.

The medium-range RFID readers from the RFID reader manufacturer, Crepak, is widely used for automation, work in process management, authentication, etc.

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