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Long Range RFID Reader

Long Range RFID Reader

Long-range RFID Reader just as its name implies is a reader who can read and write RFID long range tags, it normally adapts UHF technology, equips with high sensitive reader module, and high gain long range RFID antenna. A long RFID reader can read up to 20 meters distance, and write up to 10 meters distance.

Based on different scenario, a long-range RFID reader can be both fixed reader and handheld reader, as a fixed long range RFID reader, it has bigger power so that it can read and write long range rfid tags at a longer distance if it is connected with an up to 12 DBI gain linear polarize long range RFID antennas, it can read the longest distance. And for the handheld reader, it is powered by a battery and equips with small long range RFID antenna due to size limitation, so that its reading distance is only half of the fixed reader, but still can read up to 10 meters reading distance and shorter writing distance.

A long-range RFID reader is always used for inventory checking, automatic warehouse management, tool management, and car/aircraft work in process management and yard management.

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