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BLE Gateway & Beacons

BLE Gateway & Beacons

BLE is the short form of Bluetooth low energy. The bluetooth low energy products can be used on both Android and iPhone, it came to the market in 2011 as Bluetooth 4.0. Bluetooth 4.0 consumes low power; BLE terminals can run on a small battery for four to five years, it is vital for applications that only need to exchange small amounts of data periodically.

BLE products operate in the 2.4 GHz band, it remains in sleep mode constantly unless a connection is initiated. The actual connection times are only a few milliseconds because its data rates are so high at 1 Mb/s.

Normally a BLE application system is composed of Bluetooth low energy gateway and beacon, the beacon is sending Bluetooth broadcast signal which includes valuable information, the BLE gateway is hardware to receive the Bluetooth signal, process, and analysis to meet the application requirement.

Types of BLE Gateway & Beacons

Crepak offers a wide range of top performance BLE gateways and Beacons: Our famous branded product series include G100 BLE gateway​, Tesseract and Orb series beacons of high accuracy positioning performace for industrial and commercial application.
  • BLE( Bluetooth Low Energy ) Gateway
    BLE( Bluetooth Low Energy ) Gateway
    BLE gateway is a hardware used to receive Bluetooth signals and process it to meet various applications, it communicates with beacons or mobile phones, and integrates BLE module, powering module and transition module.
  • BLE( Bluetooth Low Energy ) Beacons
    BLE( Bluetooth Low Energy ) Beacons
    A beacon is a small Bluetooth radio transmitter, similar to a lighthouse in functionality. This small hardware powered by batteries and can continuously broadcast Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals.

Typical Application Of BLE Gateway & Beacon

Based on the different operation modes, BLE technology can be used for location service, data transition, and mesh network for equipment connection.

Location Service with BLE Gateway & Beacon

Through analysis of the power strength or the arrival of the angle of the signal, the BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) gateway can gain a rough or accurate position of the beacon, it is from tens of centimeters to several meters, can be used for assets management, people tracking, work in process management, safety management, electric fence, warehouse management, action analysis, operation optimization, etc;

Data Transition with BLE Gateway & Beacon

Based on the data transition mode, the Bluetooth radio can deliver sensor information from the BLE beacon, it can be temperature, humidity, light, magnetic, vibration, or other status information, is an ideal solution for condition monitoring in an industrial and commercial environment, to monitor the situation of running equipment and environment. by accumulating sensor data, and adapting to AI algorism, it can predict the failure of machines.

As one of the most experienced RFID China manufacturers with more than 10 years' experience, Crepak is not only specialized in custom RFID products but also has great innovative achievements on Bluetooth BLE beacon products. 

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