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Allspark 30 Universal NFC Label

Allspark 30 Universal NFC Label

Allspark 30 is an HF/NFC dual-protocol RFID Label, it is mainly used for authentication or market promotion, it has 144 bytes user memory which can be loaded with URL or simple program, and these programs can activate functions of the terminator. As a kind of RFID Lable, its reading distance is short to ensure proximity identification for item-level identification which is important for some applications, Allspark 30 is converted with square front material which adapters for most of the applications, also this PET front material is reliable so that the customized artwork can be printed indelibly.

Allspark 30 features a 1-10cm reading distance and carries 1-year lifecycle, it can be easily attached to assets via adhesive, it is a good choice for authentication, inspection tour management, user engagement, library & archive management, brand protection, marketing promotion, etc;

Features and Benefits of Allspark 30 HF/NFC RFID Label

  • Square size applicable for universal assets tracking

  • Support both HF and NFC which expand its application

  • 144 bytes memory is enough for URL and program loading

  • High strength adhesive enables fast and easy implementation

  • Customized artwork can be offered as option

Applications of Allspark 30 HF/NFC RFID Label

  • Authentication

  • Inspecti on tour management

  • User engagement

  • Library & archive management

  • Brand protection

  • Marketing promotion

Mechanical Specification


RF Specification

Air protocolISO 14443A 1-3, NFC Forum T2T
Reading range1-10cm
ChipsetNtag 213
Memory7 bytes UID
144 bytes user memory

Environment Specification

Operation temp-20 – 70℃
Store temp-20 –70℃
Shock and vibration/
Mounting wayAdhesive
CertificationMeet CE requirement
Warranty12 months after delivery
LifecycleMore than 1 years

Part No.

Ntag 2131223121

Applications of Allspark 30 RFID Tag

*        Assets management
*        MRO management
*        User engagement
*        Library & archive management
*        Brand protection
*        Marketing promotion

Market & Application
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