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Active Visual Tags

Active Visual Tags

Crepak provides versatile active RFID transponders to our customers, which are widely known as active RFID tags. Active RFID tag operation principle is electromagnetic emission, different from passive RFID tags, active RFID tag is powered by battery, its operation frequency is 433MHz, 2.45GHz and 5.8GHz. Our active RFID tag features ultra long identification distance(up to 150 meters), batch identification(up to hundreds units), fast reading/writing, widely used in electronical toll collection, real time locating system, visible work in process management. Crepak is one of the active RFID tag manufacturers that you can trust.

Infinity 30 Versatile Active RFID Tags

Crepak Infinity Active RFID tag offers UHF, HF, BLE, and Visibility function can be used in work in process management, Kanban management, retail marketing promotion, and customer interaction management, from which you can choose at reasonable prices.

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