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Crepak offers the one-stop solution of RFID products and BLE products. Our RFID products including RFID tag, RFID reader, RFID antenna & accessory and RFID smart equipment, covering low frequency, high frequency, ultra-high frequency and active visual technology. Our RFID products of top performance, high quality and economic as well as corresponding know-how will help you to improve data accuracy, expedite data collection, visualize data and assets management and reduced labor costs in your asset tracking, logistic & supply chain management, RTI management, MRO management, transportation management, and other applications. Crepak is a trust-worthy RFID provider with more than 10 years' experience in custom RFID production to meet various applications such as manufacturing, oil&gas, healthcare, transpiration, utility, IT, retail, and animal industry. As one of the most sophisticated RFID China manufacturers, we are committed to custom RFID production services worldwide. 

  • Introduction To RFID

    Introduction To RFID

    Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is one kind of automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technology, it uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects, which we used for the RFID solutions.

    Normally an RFID system consists of three key RFID products, RFID tag, RFID reader, and RFID management software. RFID tag - RFID tags contain a chip and an antenna, and the data in the RFID tag memory is been transmit via modulated radio signal. Crepak is one of leading UHF RFID tag manufacturer, we can offer competitive prices for item-level and supply-chain tagging.

    RFID reader – RFID reader is a two-way transmitter, one way is to send a modulated signal to activate the RFID tag, another way is to receive the signal broadcasted or reflected by RFID tag and convert it to a useful data and send it to a computer system.

  • History of RFID

    History of RFID

    The initiation of RFID technology can be traced back to world war II, it was used to identify friend or foe aircraft. Then the technology was introduced to civilian applications like access control and animal identification, after long way development, RFID production has been extended to payment, retail, supply chain, transportation, manufacturing, and many other industries, covering active RFID and low frequency, high frequency as well as ultra-high-frequency passive RFID, to promote the application of RFID technology, such as Bluetooth low energy products. An organization like ICAR, NFC Forum and RAIN RFID were established to define compliance and coordinate the resource. 

  • RFID Products in Various Applications

    RFID Products in Various Applications

    RFID products are very popular in our daily life, everybody uses RFID every day without noticing it. 

    • Access control

    • Animal identification

    • To know which object is at where in time and trace its movement.

    • Retail operation management

    • Transportation management

    • Logistic &Supply chain management

    • Track &Trace management

    • MRO management

    As a professional RFID China manufacturer, we can produce custom RFID products to meet the needs of various applications.

Market & Application
The RFID Hardware is utilized used by public and private organizations to solve complex challenges, including the fields of aviation, rail, manufacturing, oil & gas, automotive, healthcare, animal identification, apparel & Jewelry, library & achieve, hospitality, and infrastructure & utility, etc.
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