Ultra High Frequency RFID tags normally operate from 860-960 MHz, its data is transmitted via far-field radiative coupling and backscatter coupling technology, which means that the RFID reader sends electromagnetic waves to RFID tag, the energy from the electromagnetic waves go through tag antenna and activates the chip, balance energy delivers chip data and reflected back through tag antenna to reader via electromagnetic waves in modulated format. UHF tags are usually passive and do not need power supply.

Ultra high frequency RFID tags can be made into different form factor for different application. Typical UHF RFID inlay and labels are widely used in apparel&jewelry and logistic industry for supplychain tracking, inventory management and customer engagement. To be applicable for industrial condition, UHF RFID tags can be encapsulated with various shaped plastic or PVC housing to be durable and reliable, and for extreme industrial condition, UHF RFID tags can be made to metal form factor to withstand in high temperature, chemical, impact, vibration and water environment without compromising of performance. UHF RFID Tags can also be made to special form factor to provide value added function like tamper proof, recycle use, anti-counterfeiting, temperature/humidity sensor, etc;

    On Metal RFID Label Aether 40
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