Tamper proof RFID Tag

RFID tag is widely used for asset tracking all over the world, in most scenarios, an RFID tag is mounted to assets via adhesive or screw, and it can be removed and re-mounted to other assets, it meets general demand but in some specific conditions, like high value assets tracking, security management, brand loyalty management, it is not acceptable, then a tamper proof RFID tag is needed.

There are several types of tamper proof tag according to the technology it adapts, including visual tamper proof, electronic tamper proof and tamper evidence. For visual tamper proof, the tag is designed with a special mechanical structure, it has to be removed by destroying it so that it can be visibly detected but still readable. For electronic tamper proof, the tag antenna or the chip is destroyed so that it can’t be read if it is removed. And for tamper evidence, the tag antenna is designed with several loops, while it has tampered, one loop is cut, then the specific bit of EPC memory changes so that the backend system knows.

Tamper proof tag supports low frequency, high frequency, and ultra high frequency, it is widely used in retail, transportation, logistic, museum, archive center industry.


Brand protection, brand loyalty management, container management, archive management, Jewelry , apparel, watch management

Crepak Tamper proof RFID tag offer:

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