Small RFID Tag

For internet of things applications, RFID is used for automatic identification of assets, and the assets are various, most of them are able to be tracked by universal RFID tags and labels, however, there are also small assets and irregular shape assets, it is a challenge to manage them via universal RFID tags, then a small RFID tag is needed, like implant, tool, mold, fixture, equipment component, animal management, the tag is required to be mounted on the surface of small assets or embedded into a cavity of irregular assets, sometimes the reading distance can be compromised but in other case, it needs good performance to ensure smooth operation.

To make a small tag with good performance, it needs talented design, not only the antenna pattern, but also the choosing of substrate material, high permittivity is necessary. As a result, the tag can be made to as small as φ1.4x8mm in low frequency, and can be 5×2.8×1.8mm in UHF frequency, although it is small, it can reach tens of centimeters reading distance.

The small RFID tag can support low frequency, high frequency and ultra high frequency, is widely used in animal, healthcare, manufacturing, logistic, telecom industries.


Assets management, tool management, mold/fixture management, IT assets management, pipe management, work in process management, automation, consumable management

Crepak Small RFID Tags Offer:

    Ultra Small RFID Tag Tumbler 10
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