Short Range RFID Tags

RFID is more and more popular after the application of UHF technology, it can be read in quite long range and can be bulk read for hundreds pics one time, however, in some specific scenario, like access control, assets finding, individual identification, automatic sorting, long reading range will be a disadvantage due to stray reading, in this case, a short range RFID tag is needed.

Short Range RFID tag always adapts low frequency and high frequency technology, in some case, it would also be ultra high frequency to meet both bulk reading and single reading requirement. For LF and HF tag, its data is transmitted via inductive coupling electromagnetic, so that its reading range is only few centimeters, it can be used to exchange sensitive information and proof of presence. For UHF tag, the size can be designed to be very small, so does the antenna, its reading distance can be limited to centimeters, but can still be bulk read in short range. These tags are widely used in finance, security, gaming, marketing promotion, automation industry.


Payment, gaming & Entertainment, customer interaction, marketing promotion, access control,MRO management, outdoor assets management, automation

Crepak Short Range RFID Tag Offer:

    Short Range RFID Tag Shield 15
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