Rugged RFID Tag

Rugged RFID Tag is resistant to the harsh environment, including sunshine, rain, corrosion, salty, high temperature, high pressure, impact, shock, vibration, etc. these are common conditions in infrastructure, transportation, manufacturing, oil & gas, chemical industries. Normal RFID labels are not applicable due to their structure and production process.

To solve these problems, this tag is specially designed, the chip is always been packaged to different form factors including DFN, QFN, and other surface mount plastic packaging, and is welded to antenna or substrate, while the tag is encapsulated in special housing, according to different applications and requirements, the housing can be made of glass, silica, ABS, PC, PPA, PPS, PSU, Peek and even metal, also, to ensure high IP rating, the manufacturing process can be injection molding, double injection molding, ultrasonic welding, insert molding, so that the RFID tags can meet IP67, IP68 or even IP69K rating, to be waterproof and dusty proof.

Rugged RFID tag can support low frequency, high frequency, and ultra high frequency protocols by integrating different RFID chips and different antennas, its memory can be from 96 bit to 8k bytes, is widely used for animal identification, logistic & supplychain, automotive, aviation, rail, automation, infrastructure, telecom, oil & gas, and manufacturing industries.

Rugged RFID Tag Applications

Outdoor assets management, automation, warehouse management, work in process management, gas cylinder/beer keg management, laundry management, mold management, tire lifecycle management, drilling pipe/Oil pipe management, automotive manufacturing, tool management, waste management, medical devices tracking, etc

Crepak Rugged RFID Tags Offer:

    Rugged RFID Tag Tumbler 50P
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