On Metal RFID Label

On metal RFID Label is normally used for metal assets tracking, In industrial application, a lot of assets are metal form factor, normally metal would absorb or reflect microwave, which will absorb the microwave returned by the tag or change the frequency of the tag so that a normal RFID tag/label is not able to be identified or reading distance is quite short, and this mainly impact the high frequency and ultra high frequency RFID tags due to their short wavelength.

In this case, on metal label adapts High Frequency or Ultra High Frequency technology, for HF label, it always pastes a wave absorbing material on the rear side to strengthen the magnetic field generated by the tag so that it can be read by the High frequency reader. While for UHF label, it adapts a special antenna design, on one side to make the metal surface as a reflector, on the other side, the antenna tunes the frequency of the tag in advance, then with the affection of metal material, the returned microwave will be offset to the ordinary point so that RFID reader can identify the tag.

The label can be used on all kinds of metal surfaces, carbon fiber, or liquid surfaces, sometimes they can even be embedded into a cavity of a metal asset with the surface facing outside. It is widely used in commercial and industrial scenarios.

Typical application

Metal RTI management, IT assets management, Office assets management, Work in process management, Truck/Car tracking, Access control, Automation

Crepak On Metal Label Offer:

    On Metal RFID Label Aether 40
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