Long Range RFID Tags

Long Range RFID Tags are used in some scenarios, like warehouses, vehicle yards, outdoor production sites, the assets are located at a higher place or large field, while the reader is placed at a long distance, even for handheld reader, the distance is too long.

Long Range RFID tag is normally adapting ultra high frequency technology, to ensure a long range identification, it needs to integrate a high sensitivity RFID chip, a specially designed antenna, as well as a high permittivity substrate, and even a big size. A special antenna and a big size would absorb more energy, while a high sensitivity chip and high permittivity substrate consume less power during the tag activating process, then the returned signal owns more power so that it can transmit to longer distance, normally a long range RFID tag can reach 6-10 meters(20-30 feet) and for some special product, it can even reach up to 45 meters(150 feet) distance while read by the fixed reader.

To gain a long range distance, a high performance reader is also needed since it can transmit higher power signals to the tag and can receive lower power signals to trancode.

Long Range RFID Tags Applications

Warehouse, Inventory management, Outdoor assets management, Truck/Car tracking, Toll management, Yard management, Access control, Work in process management, Automation, Racing

Crepak Long Range RFID Tags Offer:

    Long Range RFID Tag Saber 40
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