High Temperature RFID Tags

In an industrial environment, high temperature is a typical condition, like painting shop, SMT wave soldering process, oil&gas exploring, sterilization, drying in industrial washing, steel, and other metal manufacturing, machining, injection molding, tire producing, etc, normally the temperature in this situation is between 100 and 250℃, in some extreme case, the temperature can be high to 800℃, traditional identification technology like barcode, laser etching, a sealed number are not applicable or not convenient for this kind of applications.

As an invisible technology, RFID supposes to be a good choice, however, due to the form factor and the chip material, a universal RFID tag or label can’t withstand these kinds of high temperatures, to solve this problem, the chip should be packaged in module form factor, while the antenna should be made in a special material, and the chip needs to be weld to the antenna with the protection of robust glue. in some cases, the tags have to be enclosed with rugged housing, and the housing material also should withstand high temperature, the housing material can be Peek, PSU, PPS, or any other high polymer material.

High Temperature RFID tags support Low Frequency, High Frequency, Ultra High Frequency protocol by adapting different RFID chips, as well as different manufacturing processes, providing from 96 bits to 8kbyte memories.

Typical application of high temperature RFID Tags

Surgical instrument management

Automotive PaintShop production management

SMT production

Laundry management

Injection mold management

Tire production

Drilling pipe/Oil pipe management

Steel production

Crepak High Temperature RFID Tags Offer

    Rugged RFID Tag Tumbler 50P
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