As the media to link physical world and the virtual digital world of IoT, the RFID tag has been widely applied in the access control, retail, warehousing, logistics, transportation, manufacturing, automation, animal identification, library, brand protection, laundry management, asset management, and other fields, to bring efficiency improvement, cost reduction, operation optimization, and error reduction as well as other significant benefits for the end-users.

Generally, RFID tags are composed of chips, antennas, and packaging materials. According to the technology used, they can be divided into passive low frequency, high frequency, ultra-high frequency, and active tags. Depending on application requirements, its form factor can be card, fob, label, coil, inlay, glass tube, or another shape of plastic or metal.

Crepak RFID Tags Offer:

Crepak offers various top performance, high quality, and economic RFID tags for many applications, including:

By Feature

  • Animal Identification RFID Tag
  • Durable RFID Tag
  • High-Temperature RFID Tag
  • Long Range RFID Tag
  • On Metal RFID Tag
  • On Metal RFID Lable
  • Practical RFID Tag
  • Rugged RFID Tag
  • Short Range RFID Tag
  • Small RFID Tag
  • Tamperproof RFID Tag
  • Universal RFID Label

By Frequency

  • Low Frequency RFID Tag
  • High Frequency RFID Tag
  • Ultra High Frequency RFID Tag
  • Dual Frequency RFID Tag
    Durable RFID Tag Vibranium 60
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