As the media to link physical world and the virtual digital world of IoT, the RFID tag has been widely applied in the access control, retail, warehousing, logistics, transportation, manufacturing, automation, animal identification, library, brand protection, laundry management, asset management, and other fields, to bring efficiency improvement, cost reduction, operation optimization, and error reduction as well as other significant benefits for the end-users.

Generally, RFID tags are composed of chips, antennas, and packaging materials. According to the technology used, they can be divided into passive low frequency, high frequency, ultra-high frequency, and active tags. Depending on application requirements, its form factor can be card, fob, label, coil, inlay, glass tube, or another shape of plastic or metal.

Crepak RFID Tags Offer:

Crepak offers various top performance, high quality, and economic RFID tags for many applications, including:

By Feature

High-Temperature RFID Tag

High-temperature RFID Tag is made of the special substrate while the chip is packaged and welded onto the antenna, so that it can be stored at over 150℃ temperature, even 250℃ extreme temperature, and can be operated in up to 85℃ temperature; it is an ideal product for an industrial RFID solution.

Long Range RFID Tag

Long-range RFID Tag is designed with talented antenna and made of high permittivity substrate, while in tag activating process, more energy is absorbed while less loss is consumed, so that the return signal can be transmitted in the longer range, normally it can reach 5 meters and even up to 13 meters distance while read by the fixed reader.

On metal RFID Tag

On metal RFID tag operates in two kinds of principles, one is through a talented antenna, while it is mounted on the metal surface, the metal surface is regarded as a reflector, and the antenna will change the frequency of returned microwave to the ordinary point and then with the affection of metal material, the signal then be offset to standard operation so that RFID reader can identify it. Another way is to use absorbing material to reduce the influence of metal material.

Proximity RFID Tag

Proximity Range RFID Tag is normally LF or HF tag, its data is transmitted via inductive coupling electromagnetic, so that its reading range is only a few centimeters,

Rugged RFID Tag

Rugged RFID Tag is normally encapsulated in special housing with protection on-chip, it can be used in rainy, sunshine, vibration, impact, dusty, washing, chemical, and other harsh environments, it can reach IP65 or even IP69K grade and can be used for a long time and recycle use.

Small RFID Tag

A small RFID tag can be pasted to small assets surface or embedded in irregular assets, it can be as small as φ1.4x8mm or 5×2.8×1.8mm, although it is small, it can reach a few centimeters to several meters reading distance, is an ideal product for small assets management, automation, and work in process management.

Tamperproof RFID Tag

Tamperproof RFID tags can be made to be visual tamperproof or electronic tamperproof. for a visual tamperproof tag, it has to be removed by destroyed so that it can be visibly detected but still readable, while for an electronic tamperproof tag, it can’t be read if it is removed.

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