RFID Readers

RFID reader is the bridge connecting the virtual world and the physical world, it is used to identify and encode RFID tag, its operation principle is via an electromagnetic inductive coupling or far-field radiative coupling, it generates electromagnetic and the energy within electromagnetic wave activates RFID tag, the data in the tag chip then be modulated and reflect back via electromagnetic inductive field or wave, the reader receives, processes and sends it to the backend computing system.

Generally, RFID readers are composed of a reader module and antenna, in some cases, the antenna is integrated into RFID reader and for other user cases, antennas are deployed separately to cover more area and gain better performance.

Crepak RFID Readers Offer:

Crepak offers various RFID readers, including the fixed reader, handheld reader, and desktop reader, covering LF, HF, and UHF frequency, can be applicable for industrial or commercial use, widely used in animal identification, asset tracking, logistic&supply chain management, work in process management, MRO management and other applications.

By Operation Mode

Fixed RFID Reader

The fixed reader is a device usually mounted at a specific position, used to automatically read and write RFID tags within its identification range, it can integrate antenna or connect to an external antenna via RF cable, and can read single to volume RFID tags in seconds from proximity to up to 20 meters distance, it can continuously run or triggered by the sensor, normally used for automation, warehouse management, and automatic data capture, access control, and payment.

Handheld RFID Reader

Handheld RFID Reader just as its name implies is a terminator to be held by hand for RFID reading and writing, with the additional functions of barcode scanning, camera, wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, and 4g communication, it can identify volume RFID tags from proximity to long-distance in seconds, and store the tag data in its inner memory; it contains standard Handheld RFID Reader, Tablet RFID reader, and Bluetooth RFID reader, usually used for inspection management, warehouse management, animal identification, and tool management.

Desktop Reader

The desktop RFID reader is a compact device being placed on the desktop, to read and write RFID tags, it can be controlled by a PC via cable connection, and can read several units of tags at proximity distance. it is portable and easy for operation usually applied for RFID tag initialization or encoding.

    UHF Fixed RFID Reader Optimus F242
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