Bluetooth Gateway Bluetooth Gateway is a hardware used to receive Bluetooth signals and process them to meet various applications, it communicates with beacons or mobile phones, and integrates BLE module, powering module, and transition module, it can be applied in three kinds of scenarios by adapting different algorism; Bluetooth Gateway can be made to different form factors, like a square industrial gateway, circular gateway, ceiling light, and even mobile phone or tablet with BLE module. Crepak Bluetooth Gateways advantage: Crepak Bluetooth Gateways are designed based on sufficient market survey and project experience, is proven effective in the real case, while continuous improvement is done time by time, they are widely used worldwide in various industries, and advanced in: Top performance Crepak developed Bluetooth Gateways for different applications, including AOA algorism high accuracy gateway, condition monitoring gateway, and high-bird gateway. All the algorism were developed by ourselves and optimized for different environment Use cases            Crepak Bluetooth Gateways are developed for scenarios, are widely used in different market segment and multiple applications, it is proven applicable, reliable, and stable. Practical Crepak Bluetooth Gateways are widely used by many partners worldwide, based on our scalable volume, our Bluetooth Gateways are practical and affordable.
    Bluetooth AoA Gateway Alpha G100
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