A Bluetooth beacon is a small Bluetooth radio transmitter, similar to a lighthouse in functionality. This smart hardware is powered by batteries and can continuously broadcast Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals.

Bluetooth Beacons can be deployed on assets, worn by people or even be a mobile phone, can broadcast unique ID, sensor data, advertisements, links, and other related information, can be used for positioning, condition monitoring, advertising, access control, etc;

Bluetooth beacons can be made to different form factors to meet the demand of various scenarios, like tag, wristband, badge, a sensor terminal or even a mobile phone can be set up as a beacon.

Crepak Bluetooth Beacons Offer:

Crepak offers various BLE beacons for many applications, including:

Tesseract people tracking beacon

Tesseract people tracking beacon is used to manage people for security&safety purposes like old age people tracking, infant management, prisoner management, visit management, etc.

Orb assets tracking beacon

Orb assets tracking beacon is developed for assets management, it can be mounted to assets via multiple ways, and can achieve assets real-time location, history route, is ideal for assets tracking, work in process management, tool management. it supports ibeacon, eddystone as well as AOA high accuracy protocols

Scepter assets tracking beacon

Scepter assets beacon is used for assets tracking and environment monitoring, can real-time monitor vibration, temperature, humidity, light, magnetic, smoke, and another status, can be used for equipment management, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance;

Crepak Bluetooth beacons advantage:

Crepak Bluetooth beacons are designed based on sufficient market survey and project experience, is proven effective in the real case, while continuous improvement is done time by time, they are widely used worldwide in various industries, and advanced in:

    Waterproof Bluetooth Beacon Orb 10
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