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How Printing Company Creates Real-Time Inventory For its Paper Material Management

How Printing Company Creates Real-Time Inventory For its Paper Material Management

Indonesian printing house deployed RFID based inventory management system in its paper material aging warehouse

Jul 7th, 2020

An Indonesian printing house("A company" in the following, asked for unnamed) provides various painting products for its customers all over Indonesia, they consume plenty of paper material every day due to their intensive orders, and each order is unique with different requirement of paper, on-time delivery of material and real-time inventory are critical for A company operation since production and material purchases were based on order entry and inventory status, current warehouse management is based on a barcode system, it would provide real-time inventory but it takes a lot of time for operators to manually scan the barcode, especially while the label is pasted at the opposite side, the operator has to go to another side to scan it.

RFID is proven to improve efficiency and reduce error during manual scanning, however, due to big volume consuming of paper material, the disposal RFID tag will be costly for them, an easy attaching and detaching recycle RFID tag is required. Also, the paper is packaged in a roller, and covered by a kind of film, the challenge is that some of the material is made of aluminum while others are non-metal, then the RFID tag is required to be read both on metal and non-metal.

A company approached to Moscad, an Indonesian RFID/SCADA system integrator with experience to deploy RFID solutions in the commercial and industrial environments. Moscad provides a whole SCADA solution to A company, with a rugged RFID reader and tag from Crepak. Moscad is chosen because they can provide whole SCADA solutions and integrated it with A company’s MES system, what’s more, they have rich experience of RFID for the industrial environment.

As a strategic partner of Moscad, Crepak has been working with Moscad to provide WMS(warehouse management system), WIP(work in process), and asset tracking solution in the Indonesian market, Crepak's rugged RFID reader and industrial tag have been applied in transportation, manufacturing, and logistic industry. For the A company case, Moscad chose Crepak Optimus F240 reader with 2 antennas equipped on the top of the warehouse gate. For recycle metal/non-metal tag, Crepak’s Lasso 10 with foam is a perfect choice for this application, eTie lite is an economic RFID ABS tag, by pasted a 6mm foam on the bottom, so that the tag can be read on the metal film, with adhesive on the other side of the foam, the tag would be easily mounted and removed from the roller.

“The reading was 100% accurate during the pilot, said by Steve, GM of Moscad.

User Cases

The SCADA system was integrated to the A company's ERP system, the paper roller in and out of the warehouse gate can be automated identified by the RFID reader mounted on the top of the gate, and the information is shown on the screen installed on the wall. At the same time, the SCADA system will send the information to the ERP system and the ERP system automatically change the roller inventory status. To prevent the system misjudging the paper roller in and out the status, the system integrator equipped two laser sensor in both side of the gate, the reader will only read while the sensor is triggered, if the outside sensor was triggered, the system will judge that the roller is going into warehouse, If the inside sensor was trigged, the system will judge that the roller is going out the warehouse.

Paper Material ManagementPaper Material Management

An additional benefit of RFID is that the system would know when and which paper roller is taken to production and which paper rollers are sent back or newly purchased per day, by comparing with daily, monthly and yearly output, paper consuming volume, the system can generate a report to see operation performance of each month, year.

One warehouse gate was chosen for POC in early 2019, it takes 2 weeks, the system runs stable and accurate, saved 30% delivery time, improved efficiency, so AAA deployed the system to all the 3 factories' 6 warehouses. Tens of Crepak Optimus rugged UHF reader and thousands of Crepak eTie RFID tags are deployed. A company is very satisfied with the solution and chose Moscad as an exclusive solution provider to optimize the factory operation by using RFID technology.