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Features and Application of Bluetooth RFID Card Reader

Features and Application of Bluetooth RFID Card Reader

The Bluetooth RFID card reader can transmit the RFID card data to Bluetooth mobile phones, tablets, PCs, etc. through wireless Bluetooth. It can be widely used in electric power, petroleum, mining, security, logistics, finance, transportation and other industries, specifically including warehouse management, power inspection, personnel identification, ticket inspection management, train ticket inspection, steel cylinder management, food counterfeiting, package tracking, product quality inspection and drug management.

The Bluetooth RFID card reader as a mobile pocket card reader is easy to carry, which is exquisite, compact and beautiful. It can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled smart phone and other devices. With a built-in 800mA/h lithium polymer battery with a standby time of up to 24 hours and a built-in storage space of more than 32KB, it can support offline and online work to do outdoor-work attendance, sign-in and product identification without limitations of places.

Advantages of our products:

When it is mainly used for mobile RFID reader device or field card reading operations, it solves several problems that traditional card readers cannot solve.

A. Long stand-by time. With the large battery capacity, there is no need to change the battery or recharge frequently and no need to use an external power supply to extend the continuous use time of the mobile terminal device.

B. Easy to charge. It can be charged with the adapter provided with the product itself, or with the USB conversion cable on the adapter through the USB port of the PC or the power bank.

C. Small size and light weight. It is very convenient to carry. You can hang on the belt, around the neck or put in the pocket.

D. Long data transmission distance. It can reach more than 10 meters on the open area.

It can be specially used for parking lot to control the entry and exit of vehicles and has been widely used in some high-end parking lot management systems. After it is integrated into the parking lot management system, it can realize the parking lot to read the card at a long distance and enter without parking. Because the system of Bluetooth RFID card reader is very stable in the parking lot and will not be affected by other external factors, so this product is currently the best type of reader series in the parking lot application.