In the Apparel&Jewelry industry, RFID is widely applied to improve efficiency, reduce inventory, reduce labor costs and increase income, it demands reliable, low-cost, high-performance RFID hardware for inventory checking, supply chain management, loss prevention, cashing management, and anti-counterfeiting management. 

Crepak offer a wide product portfolio for the apparel&Jewelry industry including RFID tags, readers, antennas, and smart equipment, we are ready to solve the problems you are facing:

Store inventory management

In apparel&jewelry stores, plenty of inventory are prepared to fulfill dairy sale, timely replenishment is important for stores to keep customer experience and increase income, then accurate and timely inventory status is needed, RFID can help store staff to gain inventory in short time with high accuracy. Normally RFID tags are mounted to apparel and jewelry or its hang labels on production and RFID handheld readers are used to check the inventory.


Checkout management

In retail stores, clerks normally scan apparel&jewelry barcodes to checkout, however, it is low efficiency and sometimes even worse when the barcode is broken or difficult to scan, with RFID, volume apparel&jewelry can be identified in seconds, it reduces queue and improves customer experience. RFID tags are mounted on apparel or jewelry while a smart checking stand is fixed for cashing;

Customer interaction management

Consumers always fit many types of apparel&jewelry before they make a decision, smart mirror or tray can display the size, style, price, and promotion information during the process, also, it can record demonstration history, which can help clerks to know hot demonstrating products and hot selling products, which can be used to optimize store operation. Normally RFID tags are mounted on apparel or jewelry while a smart mirror is installed in the fitting room and the smart tray is placed freely.

Loss prevention

Anti-thief is always a problem for the retail industry, especially for high-value apparel and jewelry/watch stores, EAS technology can solve this problem but no value-added, RFID is a new technology not only can improve efficiency, reduce error and labor cost for the retail industry but also provides anti-thief function while deploying appropriate equipment, RFID tags are mounted on the retail goods while the smart portal is placed at the gates of stores to alarm for any illegal taking away.

Anti-counterfeiting management

Anti-counterfeiting is a big challenge for brand fashion suppliers, they are facing a big loss and brand damage by the counterfeit products, although they have invested a lot to prevent it, the problem is never completely solved. now, RFID is a new kind of solution for anti-counterfeiting with added value like customer interaction, improve customer experience, it is more and more popular in the fashion industry. Tamper-proof RFID tags are mounted on the products while NFC phones or UHF smart equipment are used to verify the genuine products.