Oil&Gas is a traditional industry that requires high efficiency and stable production to meet increasing energy demand on a daily basis, reliable equipment, and optimized operation is necessary to meet it, thus, routine maintenance and inspection of assets as well as awareness of timely production status, fast logistics are needed. RFID is a good technology to improve the above works, and rugged RFID products are required to withstand high temperature, vibration, rain, sun exposure, and other harsh environments.

Crepak offers a rugged product portfolio in oil&gas exploring, transferring and refining, including RFID tags, readers, antennas, and smart equipment, we are experienced to solve the problems you are facing, including:

Assets & equipment management

There is a huge volume of assets used in the oil&gas industry, including exploring devices, transferring equipment, refining equipment, test equipment, and tools, all the assets are located in many different places while a big part of them are always transferred between different facilities and wells, knowing the quantity, location, and status of these assets are important for operation and finance team, sufficient devices are critical for daily production while high usage rate is valuable for the finance team to optimize the investment; By using RFID, oil&gas companies can get visible and timely assets situation, using history with high efficiency, which can be used to optimize production plan and to meet financial audit compliance.


Pipe management

Many kinds of pipes are used in the oil&gas industry, including drilling pipe, oil pipe, transferring pipe and refining pipe, routine inspection and counting of these assets are a big job in daily work, RFID is a proven technology for efficient pipe management, however, the challenge of mount RFID tags to the pipe is its circular shape.

Logistics & Supply chain management

Oil&Gas raw material can only be explored in a specific area while refined products are widely used in many industries, the fragmented supply chain requires a lot of logistics and receving&distribution service, its efficiency and cost are critical for oil&gas companies, which RFID can help to improve and online monitor the supply chain process. Rugged RFID tags are always mounted on the assets/products or the pallets, while rugged RFID readers and smart equipment are placed at the warehouse gate or on the forklifts.

MRO management

In the oil&gas industry, most of the exploring and production equipment is applicable for continuous operation so timely maintenance and inspection are critical to reducing downtime. RFID can make the process digitalized with high efficiency and reduce cost, the MRO history can be referred for future work and the system can alert to take action. Robust RFID tags are mounted or embedded in the assets while robust tablet or handheld readers are assigned to staff.