In libraries and archives centers, we often see the clerk busily searching for a particular book or archive, how to record the flow of books or archives and quickly find them is a challenge for library and archive management, the traditional way is to record it on paper which is inefficient, and not convenient for lookup, also the books and archives may be lost or stolen. RFID can help to simplify the book and archive management, improve efficiency, offer more friendly and convenient service. Libraries and archive management rely on highly reliable and easily deployed products due to their long-term application and huge volume.

Crepak offers a wide product portfolio for the libraries and archives industry including RFID tags, readers, antennas, and RFID smart equipment, we are ready to solve the problems you are facing:

Inventory management

In libraries and archives centers, plenty of books & archives are stocked to fulfill dairy lending and looking up, effective arrangement and sorting are important to keep customer satisfaction, accurate and fast storage is needed, RFID can help clerks to store the book & archives in short time with high accuracy, also significantly improve the efficiency of inventory inspection. Normally RFID labels are pasted on the books & archives while on-metal RFID tags are mounted on racks for location management, handheld or tablet RFID readers are used to check the inventory, and RFID smart sorting machines are used to store the books and archives.

Check out and return management

In libraries and archives centers, clerk normally scans the barcode to check out or return books and archives, however, it is low efficiency and sometimes even worse while the barcode is damaged or difficult to scan, with RFID, volume books & archives can be identified in seconds, it reduces queue and improves customer satisfaction. RFID labels are mounted on books & archives, fixed RFID readers, RFID smart trays are used for check out and return, RFID smart checking stand is used for self-service.

Loss prevention

Anti-thief is a problem for library management, especially for high-value books and rare books, EAS technology can solve this problem without other value-added. RFID is a new technology not only can improve efficiency, reduce error and labor costs for the retail industry but also provides anti-thief function while deploying appropriate equipment, RFID tags are mounted on the books while a smart portal is placed at the entrance to alarm for any illegal taking away.