In the hospitality industry, improving customer satisfaction is the key to the success, the good customer experience, comfortable environment, exquisite hotel supplies, thoughtful and efficient service can improve customer satisfaction, in order to achieve the above target, the hospitality industry deploys new technology in hotel management and services, such as RFID, RFID can be used not only for access control, but also be used for high-end property management, linen management, and customer engagement management, etc. RFID products used in the hospitality industry demand elegant appearance, convenient, easy to install, stable and reliable

Crepak offer wide product portfolio for the hospitality industry including RFID tags, readers, antennas, and RFID smart equipment, we are ready to solve the problems you are facing:

Assets management

Hotels are usually equipped with a large number of exquisite decorations, furniture, and electronics, some of these assets are expensive, hotels always spend a lot of labor and time to count and manage these assets, even so, the hotel still suffers a lot, due to assets stolen or missed during transfer; Through the deployment of RFID, hotel managers can get a visible inventory of assets, save the time of room rounds, and can achieve anti-theft management, usually, RFID tags are mounted on the assets via adhesive or tie, handheld or tablet RFID readers are used for inspection, while fixed RFID readers are installed at the gate for anti-theft.

Linen management

In hotels, linen is an indispensable material, and linen of luxury hotels is even expensive, hotel operators need to deal with hundreds of thousands of pieces of linen in transition, washing, ironing, sorting, storage, etc., how to efficiently and correctly complete the daily management of linen is a great challenge for the hotel operations, through the application of RFID, tracking the entire process of hotel linen collection, sorting, inventory, dispensing, will greatly improve the efficiently of linen management, reduce the error rate and save costs, also, RFID can help to prevent linen stolen and reduce the loss. Normally RFID tags are embedded or sewed into the linen while RFID reader and RFID smart equipment can be used to real-time track the linen.

Guest interaction management

In hotels, automatic identification of guests while they go to restaurants, bars, swimming pools,s or fitting rooms would help the hotel reduce check-in time and improve customer experience, history path information of guests would also assist the hotel to optimize its operation and improve customer satisfaction. UHF RFID tags are mounted on access cards or combined HF/UHF cards are applied, while RFID portals or fixed RFID readers are hiddenly equipped at the gate of each area to identify guests.

Access control

Access control is a typical scenario in the hospitality industry, convenience and safety are important for customer satisfaction, especially security, as a result, RFID card is widely used in hospitality due to its easy operation like a simple tap, also the ID number of RFID card is unique and can not be modified without authorization, not only for access control but also good for in hotel payment management.