The automotive manufacturing industry demands rugged RFID product that withstand in high temperature, vibration, shock and other harsh environment, including stamping, welding, painting, assembly and engine production as well as warehouse, logistics and distribution process.

Crepak offers wide range product portfolio for automotive manufacturing, including RFID tags, readers, antennas and smart equipment, we are experienced to solve the problems in your operation, including:

Work in process management

ISO 16949 is a quality standard dedicated for automotive industry, it requires manufacturers to provide track and traceability for their products including automotive and components, thus, manufacturers needs to deploy RFID products in the production line to collect data including people, machine, parameters and time stamp at each station, normally RFID tags are mounted on car or components carriers and reader/antennas are deployed at each site.

Logistics & Supply chain management

Automotive is a highly complex product with many components, it is a long and complicated supply chain from material to finished goods, RFID is a proven solution to improve efficiency and reduce error for logistic and supply chain management, including inventory management, yard management, receiving & distribution tracking, RTI management, RFID tags are mounted on pallets, trolleys, trailers, racks and grounds or components, car winshield. RFID readers, antennas and smart equipment are normally installed at gates or forklifts.

Yard management

Car/trucks are always parked in the yard before distribution, before delivery, they are required to be washed and keeps balance gas for initiation. RFID tag pasted on the windshield, the process can be management automatically which would improve efficiency and reduce error. RFID readers and antennas are always installed at the washing station and yard gate.

Toll/Parking/Weighting management

RFID is proven to significantly improve the toll management efficiency and reduce labor cost in toll/parking management, RFID tag can be pasted on the windshield for automatic identification or RFID card is held by the driver for semi-automation identification. RFID readers can be installed on top of highway or at the gate of park, weight station.

Bus arriving management

With RFID, bus station Kanban can display the position of the bus, appropriate arriving time, also the bus route history, running time data can be collect for operation optimization, RFID tag is put on top of the bus while RFID reader is installed on the top of the station indicator