Animal identification include Farm animal, companion animal, gaming & experimental animal identification, for Farm animals, food safety concerns living safety and health, Farm animal traceability can effectively monitor the whole food production process, ensure food safety. For companion animals, effectively pet identities and epidemic prevention management refer to public health and safety, is more and more concerned by the society; For gaming & experimental animal, reliable and accurate identification is the base. RFID is a proven technology for food traceability, pet management, gaming & experimental animal identification, pork hooks management, to improve efficiency, improve safety and enhance competence. Animal identification demands high reliability, easy deployment products due to its big volume and long-term application.

Crepak offers a wide product portfolio for animal identification, including RFID tags, readers, antennas, and RFID smart equipment, we are experienced to solve the problems you are facing, including:

Livestock feeding management

Food safety concerns living safety and health, restrict and effective Farm animal feeding management is the source of food safety control, real-time monitoring and recording of feeding and health status can prevent an epidemic, reduce loss, and eliminate the risk of decease animal sold to the market. RFID tags are implanted under animal skin or mounted on the ear, while fixed and handheld readers are used to track the farm animals.

Slaughtering work in process management

Slaughtering is a key process of meat production, the work in process management enables consequent trace or reverse back of the meat, also it can collect the equipment, time and operator information to improve quality, capacity and optimize operation. RFID tags are always embedded into animal carrier or hooks, while RFID readers are installed on the side of conveying chain to real time track the animals.

Logistics & Supply chain management

Cutted meat are supplied to many different destinations, including distribution center, super market, further processing factories and other places, improve efficiency, reduce error and save cost are the objective of supply chain management, while RFID can significantly assist on it, normally RFID tags are mounted on meat carriers, while RFID readers are deployed at the gate of warehouse or on the forklifts.

Food safety traceability management

RFID food safety traceability management can consequent trace or reverse back the food safety and related information at any joints (farm, transportation, slaughterhouses, warehouse, supermarket and consumers) of the food supply chain, to effectively monitor the production and selling process, it can clarify the responsibilities, and effectively get rid of food that does not meet the safety standards, to ensure food quality and safety. Normally RFID tags are attached to farm animals or RTIs, while RFID reader or RFID smart equipment are deployed at each joint to collect the data.

Pet management

With the improvement of people's living quality, the pet market is continuously growing. effectively pet identities and epidemic prevention management refer to public health and safety, is more and more concerned by the society. How to effectively manage pets, prevent epidemic, ensure public health safety, has become a focus of all sectors of society. RFID based pet management can record the pet breeding, health, epidemic prevention and other related information into back end system to fundamentally solve the problem of pet loss, abandonment and safety supervision. The RFID tag with unique global identification code(UID) is implanted under pet skin, linked with pets’ basic information, while handheld LF RFID reader is used for identification and recording.

Racing & experimental animal identification

Top-ranked racing animals are always high value, accurate and reliable identification of these animals is important for racing operators, the proof of its value relies on the identification. And for experimental animals, accurate identification is essential for research, any mistake will result in bad consequences. RFID-based racing & experimental animal management can record the animal racing or experimental information to the system to ensure credible evaluation. The RFID tag with a unique global identification code(UID) is implanted under an animal’s skin, linked with its basic information, while a handheld LF RFID reader is used for identification and recording.