Animal ID

Animal identification include Farm animal, companion animal, gaming & experimental animal identification


Apparel & Jewelry

The implementation of RFID technology improves operational efficiency and increases income in apparel & jewelry industry



In automotive industry, RFID is applied in manufacturing, distribution, aftersales and supplychain process, to improve efficiency, reduce cost and improve consumer satisfaction.



RFID is widely used in aviation industry for airline operation optimization, airport safety & security management, and aircraft manufacturer smart production. 

RFID application in Healthcare Homepage


RFID is widely applied in healthcare industry for assets management, infant identification, high value consumable tracking, pharmacy management, medical waste tracking and uniform management.

rfid application in hospitality


The hospitality industry adapts RFID for access control, assets management, linen management, uniform management, and customer engagement management

rfid application in infrastructure & utility

Infrastructure & Utility

Infrastructure & Utility is a major market for RFID including assets management, MRO management, RTI management, waste management and so on

RFID application in Library&Archive Homepage

Library & Archive

RFID is used to improve the efficiency of borrow/return and the inspection process, reduce loss and enable visibility of daily operation in library and archive center

rfid application in manufacturing


Manufacturing has been deploying RFID for assets tracking, work in process management, supply chain & logistic management, automation, warehouse management, etc

rfid application in oil and gas

Oil & Gas

Oil&Gas industry gains high efficiency and stable production by deploying RFID for assets tracking, operation optimization and logistic & supplychain management

rfid application in rail industry


RFID is a proven technology for train manufacturing to improve efficiency and reduce cost, for rail operation to increase usage rate and consumer satisfaction.