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7 Things You Can Track with RFID Products in Hospitals

7 Things You Can Track with RFID Products in Hospitals

As an industry, healthcare is increasingly investing in RFID technology. As a result, the recent market research shows RFID technology will grow exponentially in the industry by 2021. One of the reasons for the significant expansion of RFID in the industry is the number of applications that can benefit.

RFID hospital tracking comes in a variety of forms in hospitals equipped with the technology - from tracking surgical tools to tracking patients and medical workers.

The following are 7 common RFID applications set in hospitals around the world.

1. The medicine: inventory tracking/certification

With the use of RFID hospital tracking, it can be achieved with almost any type of item. However, the implementation of RFID systems is particularly challenging when tracking liquid-filled assets. RFID tags with the ability to track these assets are becoming more and more, it is mainly due to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

2. Patient and employee tracking: person/attendee tracking

Currently, hospitals are using passive RFID technology and active RFID to track patients and staff throughout the hospital.

There are three main reasons for equipping patients and employees with RFID tags in hospitals:

  • Verify patient information

  • Reduce waiting time

  • Looking for patients

3. Surgical tools: tool tracking with sterilization and autoclaving/recyclable asset tracking

Annual research shows that surgical instruments in hospitals are found to carry previously used bacteria, which is caused by non-sterile or incorrect sterilization. Not only can these items be tracked by using RFID tags, but it can also ensure that each tool is sterilized before use - a properly implemented system can clarify the sterilization methods for individual tools.

4. Disposable items: inventory tracking/out of stock

RFID inlays can provide cost-effective inventory solutions for these single-use items, which can be stored in stock rooms, shelf units or RFID-equipped vending machines.

5. Large equipment

Asset tracking

6. Security

Access control/person tracking

7. The laundry

Laundry tracking