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Crepak Ltd., your leading supplier of creative, excellent performance, high quality and practical RFID products. With professional experiences, Crepak offers the one-stop solution of RFID hardware, including RFID tag, RFID reader, RFID antenna & accessory and RFID smart equipment. The products cover low frequency, high frequency, ultra-high frequency and active visual technology.
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RFID Market & Application
The RFID Hardware is utilized used by public and private organizations to solve complex challenges, including the fields of aviation, rail, manufacturing, oil & gas, automotive, healthcare, animal identification, apparel & Jewelry, library & achieve, hospitality, and infrastructure & utility, etc.
Crepak is a professional RFID supplier adhering to the vision of providing innovative, practical and affordable product without compromise of performance, with more than 10 years experience and millions of RFID products deployed in hundreds of projects, Crepak gained incomparable know-how & expertise and adapted it into continuous improvement of its well-chosen products.
  • Expertise

    Our experts are experienced in RFID technologies including LF HF UHF and active we recommend the most fixable RFID technology as well as a practical and affordable product for specific application.

  • Expect More, Pay Less

    As a professional RFID manufacturer, we have a wide product portfolio. You can acquire all the hardware and pay less on finding and manage different resources with the risk of product quality.

  • Value Added Service

    Our talented team not only patiently and quickly responds to your product-related demand but also supports your solution design, middleware development, network planning, and skillful deployment, etc.

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    Successful stories about our products used in viours applications in industrial and commercial territories.
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  • Technology Technology
    Introduciton of RFID, identification, Al, Big dataand other LOT technoloaies